Sunday, January 10, 2010

We're taking the Biggest Loser Challenge!

So, last week we got together as a family and discussed new year resolutions... Well, as usual we have put get healthy and fit at the top... but this year we are trying to take is a little more serious....
Can I just say that The Biggest LoserWii is kicking our butts.... gotta love the hurt right???????

Hi, our names are Samatha and Megan and WE HAVE AN ADDICTION!

We have a routine we follow during the week that enables us to get to school #1 on time, #2 ready, #3 fed, #4 jobs done, and #5 most of the time happy(I emphasize most)... It takes ALOT of time to make this happen, especially with 5 girls. So, in order for this to happen, we wake them up at 6am. Early, I know! BUT IT IS THE ONLY WAY.

We also have a routine at night. 8:00 is bedtime and we allow them to read for 30 min. At 8:30 lights out!(SUPPOSEDLY)... Since my girls were little they have always loved reading... I guess we should count ourselves lucky. When 8:30 rolls along, they are always begging for a little more time... 'Just let me finish this chapter!' 'Can I least finish this page.' and on. and on. and on. We will walk in to check on them, and they will be under their covers, reading with a flashlight.... Or they will shut their door and ready by night light... It's ridiculous! Well, we have hit an all time desperation attempt.

I get a call from Chris at 6am, as he is leaving home for work. The girls(Sam and Meg! ALEX is a whole nother' blog) are up, ready and jobs done when Chris goes to wake them up. Chris is thinking that they are wonderful, I am wondering what they are up to.... So, I get home and ask them why they were already up when dad left? You can tell they are a little hesitant to answer... but do... They had gotten in trouble the night before from Chris for still reading at 9:30... So, they came up with the 'perfect' solution.... They set their alarm for 4:20am so they could READ!!!! Yes, my girls have an addiction!!! but could I think of a better one if I wanted to.....

Monday, January 4, 2010

Alex and High School Basketball

So, in November Alex decided that she was going to try out for high school basketball. . . .. She was finished with soccer and thought that it would be something that would keep her in shape on the off season. She didn't have high hopes of making the team, but we were proud of her for trying.... Well, the week of tryouts came to an end and she came home announcing that she had made the team!
She has loved it, but it has been a challenge for her. This isn't a sport that comes naturally to her, and she has had to work hard... but she has and I think that she is enjoying it more and more. She has had quite a bit of playing time and it has been fun to go and watch her games.
She has worked really hard this year at keeping straight A's while doing sports, which can't be an easy task. . . . It makes for long days and sometimes long nights, but she is doing it with style. She's an incredible and I am so proud of the amazing person that she is!

Here's to 2010

So- For months I have been preparing myself for this day.... I told myself that I would start blogging in 2010. I feel like my family misses so much with us being away from them. . . and what better way to keep informed than to blog. So- here's to 2010 and . . . here's to blogging!!!!!